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This page provides a quick way to add new pages. For additional help on formatting see the Help page.

Using forms to create new pages

When you select a form below you'll first encounter a blank box. Enter the name of the page that you would like to create. Each page must have a unique name. Then click on the "create or edit" button. Fill in the boxes with the information you have. When you're done click on the "show preview" button to see what the completed page will look like. Make sure to click "save page" if you're satisfied with the preview.

To create new pages please use the following links:

Form Example Description
State New York First-level administrative divisions within a country (i.e. states, provinces, regions, etc.)
Repository Organization Center for Jewish History Federal or state agencies, Umbrella organizations
Repository Leo Baeck Institute Archives, libraries, historical societies, cemeteries
Collection Berthold Rosenthal Collection Groups in which information can be found at a repository
Item Dreifuss Family Tree (by Berthold Rosenthal) Boxes, folders, individual items found within a collection
Publication Jüdisches Leben in Ludwigsburg Books, newspapers, magazines, journals
Website Vienna Cemeteries Primarily for resources that only exist as websites
Publication List GerSIG Community Histories Research groups can create lists of publication of interest to the group
Repository and Website List GerSIG Resources Research groups can create lists of archives, libraries and websites of interest to the group
Free Form Guide Jewish Genealogy in Austria Guide to doing research in a place or type of record (done without templates)
Templatized Guide not yet available Guide to doing research in a place or type of record (using one template for each section)

If you need assistance in setting up a page or have additional questions please contact the GenGuideWiki administrators at